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For Buyers

The Scoop On Closing Costs (web only)

8 Top Real Estate Mistakes (for Buyers & Sellers) | PDF

Determining The Best School District To Buy A Home In (web only)

Moving Checklist - Plan An Organized Move With This Step-By-Step Guide PDF


For Sellers

Sell Your Home For More Money | PDF 

8 Secrets To Selling Your Home Fast! | PDF

Appealing To Multigenerational Buyers | PDF

A Few Things To Consider Before You Sell (web only)

8 Top Real Estate Mistakes (for Buyers & Sellers) | PDF

6 Home Renovations That Return The Most At Resale | PDF

Appeal To Male Buyers - Visually Enticing Staging Tips | PDF

Home Organization 101 - Top 7 Tips For A Show-Ready House | PDF

Rainy Season Landscaping - Attract Buyers To Outdoor Spaces | PDF

15 Features That Sell Homes - Get A Quick Sale For The Best Price | PDF

Carpet vs Wood Flooring - Should You update Old Flooring When Selling? | PDF

Using Portable Gardens For Curb Appeal - Attract Buyers To Outdoor Spaces | PDF

Colors That Sell - The Do's And Don'ts Of Using Wall Color To Enhance The Saleability Of Your Home | PDF


For Owners

10 Tips To Add Yard Privacy | PDF

5 Tips For Real Estate Investing (web only)

The Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership (web only)

Protect Your Pacific Northwest Home From Mold (web only)

No Air Conditioning? Beat The Heat Indoors With These 8 Tips | PDF

Going Green 101 - 5 Simple Tips For A More Eco-Concious Home | PDF

Staging With Feng Shui - Boost Your Home's Natural Energy Flow | PDF

7 Tips To Improve A Fixer Upper - Maximize Your Investment With These Cost Effective Upgrades | PDF




Eco-Friendly Spring Garden Tips

Spring Staging Tips For Home Sellers (web only)

10-Minute Tricks - Freshen Up Your Home For Spring | PDF

Spring Home Staging - Attracting Vibrant New Beginnings PDF

Spring Maintenance 101 - Home Recovery From Winter Weather | PDF


Summer Staging - 7 Tips To Enhance Outdoor Spaces PDF

Summer Home Staging Tips - Transition Your Home For A Quick Sale PDF


 Halloween Home Selling Tips | PDF


Top Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter (web only)

Boost Buyer Appeal During The Holidays - 8 Tips To Attract Buyers This Season | PDF

Winterize Your Home - Fall & Winter Maintenance Guide For The Pacific Northwest | PDF


Design Trends

2019 Kitchen Design Trends | PDF

Top 2018 Design Trends We're Thankful For | PDF

2018 Top 7 Design Trends | PDF

2017 Design Trends | PDF

2016 Top 10 Design Trends | PDF

What’s Hot For 2015 - Top 5 Design Trends | PDF


"Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful." – Hazrat Inayat Khan

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