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From world-class golf courses to Olympic trials, the central Oregon region has much to offer the sports enthusiast. The area is home to a wide array of athletes. Champion high school teams, professional mountain bikers, NFL football players, and Olympians are just a few groups of the many athletes that make central Oregon their home.




Sports are a big part of the central Oregon lifestyle. From Bend Elks Baseball to Lava City Roller Dolls there are many events to watch and enjoy. If you have the desire to participate, there are numerous winter and summer activities to indulge in. The events below are but a few and the sites listed at the bottom of this page can fill you in on many, many others which can be enjoyed either as a spectator or a participant. There is usually one or more scheduled events each and every week of the year!




If there's one single thing that central Oregon is known for, it may well be recreation. Be it golfing, huntingfishingbiking, hikingrunningskating, snowshoeingraftingsnowmobilingrockhounding, spelunking, bungee-jumping, or even drinking there is always something to do. Outside of central Oregon, choice spots for windsurfing and skiing & snowboarding are just a short drive away. As are other spectator sports. Whether you're an avid sports fan or just enjoy being active, our communities have something for you. Across the region, from Central Oregon to the Oregon Coast and up into Southwest Washington, recreational opportunities abound.




For a more comprehensive list of local sporting events, check out the event calendars maintained by following:
The Source Weekly | Hack Bend | Visit Central Oregon | Visit Bend

The local chambers of commerce also maintain event calendars:
Bend | La Pine | Madras | Prineville | Redmond | Sisters | Sunriver

For events elsewhere in Oregon, head to Travel Oregon's Event Calendar 




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