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Bend (el. 3,623′) is the largest city in central Oregon and the county seat of Deschutes CountyThe name Bend was derived from "Farewell Bend" - a pioneer designation that referred to a fordable point along the Deschutes River where the town was eventually platted. Though inhabited by Native Americans for at least the past 12,000 years, the area wasn't known to pioneers until 1824, when a fur trapping party led by Peter Skene Ogden visited the area. Seventy-Five years later, in 1901, the first commercial sawmill was established and a small community began to form. Bend was formally incorporated in 1904. While the city is proud of its timber heritage, the dominant industries today are tourism, healthcare, construction, and real estate.

As the largest and most centrally located city within central Oregon, Bend is the natural focus of the area.  In fact, central Oregon and Bend are nearly synonymous.  So much so that most of the superlatives you'll find in popular media are directed at Bend.  Here are a few recent ones...



Bend is comprised of a number of separate zip codes.


Currently listed real estate within Bend area zip codes

Residential | Commercial | Vacant Land

Residential | Commercial | Vacant Land

Residential | Commercial | Vacant Land

Residential | Commercial | Vacant Land

Residential | Commercial | Vacant Land


Weekly Market Reports by First American Title

Bend (97701) | Bend (97702) | Bend (97703) | Milican, Brothers, & Hampton (97712)


Demographic reports for Bend area zip codes

97701 | 97702 | 97703 97707 97712

Please see for an interactive map of Oregon zip code locations & boundaries.
An article in The Bend Bulletin includes an updated map of 97701, 97702, and 97703.



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