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Relocation Resources

Relevant information to help you make your move!

Below are is a quick list of links that you will hopefully find useful.  Whether you are moving to the area, away from the area, or just across town, you will likely need to contact one or more of the sites below. Am I missing something?  Drop me a note with the link or links you think I should include and I'll do my best to get them on the list!


General Relocation Links


Moving & Rentals





I recommend that you contact the utility companies you want to use several days prior to the actual day that you wish to be responsible for charges.  A week or two in advance is even better.  This helps make the transition as smooth as possible and helps to keep service(s) from being interrupted.


Vacation Rentals / Property Management

If you've not been to central Oregon before or if you are looking for a place to stay that isn't a hotel, the following companies have numerous options available throughout the region. Conversly, they also manage properties and can be a valuable service to you if you are looking to buy investment properties for the purpose of then renting them out.

Misc. Information & Guides




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