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Jefferson County is home to a number of communities.  The city of Madras is by far the largest. The incoporated towns of Metolious and Culver are satellite communities to the southwest. The remaining communities are made up of ranches, ghost towns, and the communities of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.



Madras, Metolius, Gateway & Willowdale (97741)

Madras (el. 2,242’) is the largest town in and the county seat of Jefferson County. It straddles HWY 97 approximately 26 miles north of Redmond. The city airport hosts the Erickson Aircraft Collection and The Airshow Of The Cascades. The 2008 movie MANAGEMENT, starring Jennifer Aniston was partially shot on location in the town. Richardson's Rock Ranch can be found 14 miles northeast of town.

The smaller city of Metolius (el. 2,536’) lies southwest of Madras on the Culver HWY.

The unincorporated community of Gateway (el. 1,791’) is roughly 11 miles north of Madras and 16 miles east of Warm Springs. At one time it had a school, a church, a railroad depot, a store, and a post office, but today it is comprised of a loose collection of homes. The unincorporated area of Willowdale (el. 1,765’) can be found northeast of Madras along HWY 97.


Culver, 3 Rivers Recreation Area, Grandview, Opal City (97734)

The city of Culver (el. 2,640′) can be found 5 miles south of Metolious on the Culver HWY.  It is notable for its close proximity to The Cove Palisades State Park & Lake Billy Chinook. Culver shares the 97734 zip code with the ghost towns of Grandview (el. 2,690’) and Opal City (el. 2,861’). The more recent 3 Rivers Recreation Area can be found just west of Grandview. It is a gated, off-grid development on the southern side of the Metolius River arm of Lake Billy Chinook. The "3 Rivers" in question are the Metolius River, Deschutes River, and Crooked River.  All of which flow through into Lake Billy Chinook. The 3 Rivers Recreation Area is not to be confused with the unincorporated area of Three Rivers South, which is located roughly fifty miles to the south near Sunriver in Deschutes County (see La Pine And Sunriver Real Estate). For more on the 3 Rivers Recreation Area, please see Central Oregon Destination Resorts.


Geneva (97730)

What was once the community of Geneva (el. 2,821’) can be found southwest of Culver and the Grandview area. This part of the Crooked River National Grassland is sparsely populated and shares the 97730 zip code with Camp Sherman.


Ashwood, Axehandle, Donnybrook, Horse Heaven, & Kilts (97711)

The main settlements east of Madras are the unincorporated "ghost towns" of Ashwood (el. 2,526’), Axehandle (el. 3,707'), Donnybrook (el. 3,658’), Horse Heaven (el. 3,150’), and Kilts (el. 3,392’).


Warm Springs Indian Reservation (97761)

Home to the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, the Warm Springs Indian Reservation includes the unincorporated community of Warm Springs (el. 1,539’). Attractions include Indian Head Casino and The Museum at Warm Springs.


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